Trinity – Seoul

Trinity Seoul Luxury Retail Multi-branded Modern Korea Lighting design was developed for this 1,500 sq. ft luxury multi-brand shop within Shinsegae’s flagship store located in the heart of Seoul.  While recessed adjustable downlight and track fixtures highlight the merchandise, curved cove lights provide ambience to the minimalist, modern space. One of the challenges included the

Barneys New York – Beverly Hills

Barneys New York Beverly Hills Renowned High-End Retail Freds Restaurant Located in southern California, this luxury department store was renovated within the strict Title 24 code requirements. Using only LED sources, energy was carefully considered with limited ceiling fixtures in favor of low-wattage linear integrated millwork lighting whenever possible.

Michael Kors – Florence

Michael Kors Florence Luxury Retail Name Brand London Lighting design for this 5,000 sq ft, two story retail store maintained standard brand concept lighting while preserving the restoration of a historic ceiling and its details. Small profile linear LED strips were concealed to enhance medallions and mouldings, while surface mounted track lights in white finish

Barneys New York Downtown Flagship

Barneys New York Downtown Flagship Renowned High-End Retail Manhattan Freds Lighting this four-story luxury retail store and restaurant was an intricate study on optimizing the effect of minimal light fixture locations, and use of only high-efficiency LED fixtures, to create a bright, luxurious, inviting space that stays true to the architect’s design intention. Lighting the

Michael Kors – Regent Street

Michael Kors Regent Street Luxury Retail Name Brand London The lighting design objective for this new 15,000 sq ft three story flagship was to further advance the existing design concept. High efficiency, 100% locally manufactured LED fixtures were specified, with single-head adjustable ceiling accent light fixtures providing hierarchy in the space, replacing the multi-head fixtures

1436 Beijing Flagship

1436 Beijing Flagship Luxury Retail Cashmere Concept China Lighting this luxury cashmere clothing brand’s 4,300 sq ft two-story Beijing flagship store was a complex study in optimizing product highlights within a luminous environment. Rolling and repeated ceiling coves and illuminated walls give the impression of lightness and openness to the store, reminiscent of the light

Pure Liquid Wine & Spirits

Pure Liquid Wine & Spirits Atmospheric Wine Spirits Boutique Manhattan The warm, earthy materials and subdued lighting of this wine shop notably contrast the bright, modern aesthetic within a bustling urban transit mall. The 1,220 SF store combines an industrial style with details inspired by wine cellars, including custom white oak ceiling and millwork, Bordeaux