David Yurman – Fifth Avenue

David Yurman Saks Fifth Avenue Fine Jewelry Integrated case-work lighting This shop-in-shop embodies the essence of Yurman’s unique creativity and separates it from the other main floor shops. Integrated case-work lighting adds sparkle to the jewelry and a warm glow to the vitrines and cases.

David Yurman – Rodeo Drive

David Yurman Rodeo Drive Nature Inspired Design Warm Lighting The vision for lighting this high-end jewelry store was to enhance the architecture and the product qualities with low level ambient light and a focus of sparkling highlights at the case line and glowing jewelry boxes. The desired perception was warm and inviting with a sense

David Yurman – Townhouse

David Yurman Townhouse Fine Jewelry Manhattan Classic Chic A landmarked 1871 townhouse on Madison Avenue was transformed into the new “ home of David Yurman” flagship store by a dramatic interplay between expansive height and compressive, intimate spaces and the use of rich, textured materials. The lighting concept was to emphasize these architectural gestures and

Calvin Klein Collections

Calvin Klein Collections Dramatic Minimal Clothing Accessories China Located in Shenyang, the concept for the 1800 sq. ft. store expresses a luxury that is both bold and sensual. The iconic black and white finishes and beautifully crafted details coupled with indirect lighting that emanates from linear ceiling slots and perimeter niches define the interior architecture

Judith Leiber – Rodeo Drive

Judith Leiber Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills Luxury Retail Lighting The boutique is a showplace for Leiber’s signature small clutches and handbags. Each is a crystal-studded and uniquely shaped work of art. The centerpiece of the store is rotunda with mirror clad shelves that catch and reflect the sparkle of the collection.