Four Seasons Hotel – Tokyo

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Marunouchi District Japan Luxury Accommodations The entrance of this luxury hotel transitions the bright lights of the Tokyo business district, to the warm glow of the interior. The interplay of up and downlight subtly pushes and pulls the vertical envelope. Accommodations are luxury suites with warm lighting, top-notch artwork and finely

Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria Historic Renovation Manhattan Landmark Hospitality This classic hotel’s entrance and lobby were renovated to restore the essence of its original Art Deco style. Since the lobby is active 24/7, and sometimes hosts events, a 4-scene pre-set system was installed to create different moods during day and night.

Reserve Lounge-Morgans Hotel

Reserve Lounge Morgans Hotel Glamorous Lounge Andree Putman Homage The smartly tailored design of this chic lounge pays homage to Andrée Putman’s original aesthetic while forging a unique new direction for the iconic Morgan Hotel. The innovative use of strong sculptural forms, reflective surfaces, and sophisticated lighting announces a heightened level of luxury and richness.