Four Seasons Hotel – Tokyo

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Marunouchi District Japan Luxury Accommodations The entrance of this luxury hotel transitions the bright lights of the Tokyo business district, to the warm glow of the interior. The interplay of up and downlight subtly pushes and pulls the vertical envelope. Accommodations are luxury suites with warm lighting, top-notch artwork and finely

David Yurman – Townhouse

David Yurman Townhouse Fine Jewelry Manhattan Classic Chic A landmarked 1871 townhouse on Madison Avenue was transformed into the new “ home of David Yurman” flagship store by a dramatic interplay between expansive height and compressive, intimate spaces and the use of rich, textured materials. The lighting concept was to emphasize these architectural gestures and

152 Elizabeth Street

152 Elizabeth Street Tadao Ando Japanese Minimalism Manhattan Complementary to the architectural design, lighting design for the apartments’ lobbies, interiors and outdoor spaces is of superior aesthetic quality typically found only when an owner has individually engaged a lighting consultant. Layers of lighting are woven in a composition that enhances interior design features and addresses

One Madison Park – NYC

One Madison Park NYC Manhattan Luxury Condos Residential Lighting This exclusive condominium high-rise design consists of linear and planar elements of materials and light. Amenities include a great room where linear LEDs reinforce floating ceilings while emphasizing walls and window treatment.

Barneys New York Downtown Flagship

Barneys New York Downtown Flagship Renowned High-End Retail Manhattan Freds Lighting this four-story luxury retail store and restaurant was an intricate study on optimizing the effect of minimal light fixture locations, and use of only high-efficiency LED fixtures, to create a bright, luxurious, inviting space that stays true to the architect’s design intention. Lighting the

Michael Kors – Regent Street

Michael Kors Regent Street Luxury Retail Name Brand London The lighting design objective for this new 15,000 sq ft three story flagship was to further advance the existing design concept. High efficiency, 100% locally manufactured LED fixtures were specified, with single-head adjustable ceiling accent light fixtures providing hierarchy in the space, replacing the multi-head fixtures

1436 Beijing Flagship

1436 Beijing Flagship Luxury Retail Cashmere Concept China Lighting this luxury cashmere clothing brand’s 4,300 sq ft two-story Beijing flagship store was a complex study in optimizing product highlights within a luminous environment. Rolling and repeated ceiling coves and illuminated walls give the impression of lightness and openness to the store, reminiscent of the light

Glenwood Properties

Glenwood Properties Manhattan Luxury Residential Rental Apartments Over the years CoMoS has designed lighting for a number of buildings for this developer, which range in location from the Financial District to Lincoln Center to the Theater District. This included the circulation spaces, the tenant amenity areas and the exteriors – in some cases, including the